Celebrating Easter at Home

To watch our parish interactive live-stream of liturgies, including Mass on Easter Sunday, you will find links under Masses at:

Whether you watch the Mass online or not, my Easter Sunday homily is posted below.

In addition to watching Mass online, I encourage you to take some time to pray and meditate upon the Easter mysteries by reading the Scriptures and using these resources. The Diocese of Hamilton also provides these resources:

Scroll down for resources for Children

Holy Thursday

Listen to Fr. Mark’s Holy Thursday Homily from Sacred Heart Church

The Eucharist: Source & Summit of Christian Life (37:00 min)

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ -John 13.1-15 (6:07 min)

Good Friday

Listen to Fr. Mark’s Good Friday Homily from Sacred Heart School

Pray the Rosary, as a family, meditating upon the Sorrowful Mysteries:

The Paschal Mystery: The Mystery of Jesus’ Death & Resurrection (18:20 min)

Holy Saturday

Catechism of the Catholic Church – Christ Descended into Hell:

Holy Saturday Night

Live-Stream Easter Vigil from Sacred Heart Church at 8:00pm:

If you aren’t able to attend the celebration of the Easter Vigil on Saturday night or watch it online, take this opportunity to reflect upon the readings. You can read them to yourself or have family members take turns reading them.

Here is the list of all seven Old Testament readings and the New Testament Epistle plus the Gospel:

R1. Genesis 1.1-2.2

R2. Genesis 22.1-18

R3. Exodus 14.15-15.1

R4. Isaiah 54.5-14

R5.Isaiah 55.1-11

R6. Baruch 3.9-15, 32-4.4

R7. Ezekiel 36.16-17, 18-28

Epistle: Romans 6.3-11

Gospel: Mark 16.1-8

You can look these readings up in your Bible, or you can go view them (including the psalms) here online (New American translation):

I know that some of you prefer to listen to the readings with your eyes closed. If you would rather quietly listen to the readings, including the psalms being sung, you can download the mp3 audio here (45:48 min):

As you read or listen to the Easter Vigil readings, ponder them as Salvation History. Here are two resources to help better understand Salvation History:

Bishop Barron (13:20 min):

Allison Low (10:58 min):

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday Mass from Sacred Heart Church at 9:00am:

Easter Sunday Mass from Sacred Heart School at 11 am:

Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
Before reading or listening to the Easter Sunday Scripture readings, I recommend you sing or listen to the hymn Jesus Christ Is Risen Today:
Traditional Sheet Music:
Traditional Version (3:06 min):
Contemporary Version, by our very own Divine Praises (4:51 min):

If you want to look them up and read them from your Bible, here are the references:
First Reading: Acts 10.34, 37-43

Second Reading: Colossians 3.1-4 or 1 Corinthians 5.6-8

Gospel: John 20.1-18

If you want to view the readings online, go here (New American translation):

If you want to listen to the readings online, including the sung psalm, you can download the mp3 audio here (6:06 min):

Prayers after the Readings
After you read or listen to the readings, you might want to discuss them with your family members. Whether you discuss them or not, end your time of reflection with the following prayers:


With joy in our hearts, let us call upon Christ the Lord, who died and rose again as our king who gives us the victory over sin and death, and lives always to intercede for us. The Response is: Victorious King, hear our prayer.

1) Light and salvation of all peoples, send into our hearts the fire of your Spirit, as we proclaim your Resurrection. We pray: Victorious King, hear our prayer.

2) During this pandemic, may our parish and the whole earth be filled with the knowledge of your glory. We pray: Victorious King, hear our prayer.

3) Keep us in the communion of your saints, and grant our family peace in their company. We pray: Victorious King, hear our prayer.

4) You have triumphed over death, your enemy; destroy in us the power of death, that we may live only for you, our victorious Lord. We pray: Victorious King, hear our prayer.

5) Lord, you walked the way of suffering and crucifixion, may you have compassion for the sick, and may those who have died from the coronavirus rise again to share your glory. We pray: Victorious King, hear our prayer.

6) Lord, you blessed the Holy Family, we ask you to bless our family members, especially those we will not be able to join today to celebrate your Resurrection. We pray: Victorious King, hear our prayer.

7) Savior Christ, you were obedient even to accepting death, and were raised up to the right hand of the Father, in your goodness welcome our deceased brothers and sisters into the kingdom of your glory. We pray: Victorious King, hear our prayer.

Our Father…

we rejoice in the victory of your Son over death:
by rising from the tomb to new life
he gives us new hope and promise.
Bless all the members of our household
and surround us with your protection,
that we may find comfort and peace
in Jesus Christ, the paschal lamb,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. R. Amen.

Prayer of Blessing Before the Easter Meal
God of glory,
the eyes of all turn to you
as we celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death.
Bless us and this food of our Easter meal.
May we who gather at this table
continue to celebrate the joy of the Lord’s Resurrection
and be admitted finally to His heavenly banquet.
Grant this through Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

Video Talk
Easter Sunday (6:45 min)

Inspiring Documentary Movie for Canadians for the Year of St. Joseph:
God’s Doorkeeper: St. André of Montreal (59:55 min)

For Children

Here are some activities for you to share with your children:

Watch this Brother Francis episode:
Stations of the Cross (41 min)

Watch this Brother Francis episode:
He Is Risen! The Power of the Resurrection (29:41 min)

Read the Kid’s Bulletin:
Palm Sunday
Good Friday: Stations of the Cross
Easter Sunday

Colour with these pages:
Palm Sunday
Easter Sunday