The Elements of the Catholic Mass

Elements of the Catholic Mass is designed to help the faithful better appreciate the beauty of the Mass. Featuring Fr. Douglas Martis, former director of the Liturgical Institute, the program consists of thirty-one beautifully produced short videos. We will watch and discuss several short videos each Tuesday during Lent at 8:00pm. You can join us in Coulson Hall or online. The Zoom link can be found here on the parish Mass schedule page.

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Here are the videos we have watched in previous weeks:

March 8th
The Meaning of Liturgy (3m 11s)
Intelligent Worship (3m 35s)

March 15th
The Role of the Parishioner (3m 15s)
The Church Building (2m 24s)
Processions (1m 58s)

March 22nd
Signs and Symbols (5m 4s)
Active Participation (4m 49s)

March 29th
The Collect (3m 31s)
Bows in the Mass (2m 8s)

April 5th
The Word of the Lord (3m 30s)
The Book of the Gospels (2m 44s)
The Creed (3m 34s)

April 12th
The Altar (4m 6s)
My Sacrifice and Yours (3m 53s)
The Dismissal (4m 11s)