Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Friday, June 24th, 2022

For general inquires or questions, please call the Sacred Heart Rockwood Parish Office: 519-856-4711

From Sacred Heart Guelph
98 Alice Street
Guelph, Ontario

To Sacred Heart Rockwood
232 Main Street North
Rockwood, Ontario

The Route


Sacred Heart Guelph The WalkSacred Heart Rockwood
Confessions before Mass
8:15am Mass
9:00am Leave Guelph
10:30am Break
1:00pm Benediction

Please download registration forms and submit to the Sacred Heart Rockwood Parish Office by June 22nd
Adult Registration (18 years or older)
Child Registration (17 years or younger)

Sacred Heart Parish
232 Main Street North, Box 610  
Rockwood, Ontario N0B 2K0


Scan and e-mail

You will need to either leave a vehicle at Sacred Heart Guelph and arrange for a drive back to Guelph, or leave your vehicle at Sacred Heart Rockwood and arrange to be taken to Guelph before 9:00am.

General Information

Helpful suggestions:
Bring your own snacks, sunscreen SPF 30 or more, wear a hat, have bug spray available, sturdy broken-in footwear, long socks or pants as gravel walking can cause irritating road rash, bring water to prevent dehydration, a rosary.
For Safe walking:
At all times follow instructions from the walk leaders, for safe intersection crossings, or the need for single file walking where roadsides are narrow, etc..
Support Car:
Will be available with first aid assistance, or to drop out, if necessary.